Sienna Regional Municipal Utility District

About the District

Board of Directors

Carl S. Bowles, President (Term: 5/5/2018 – 5/7/2022)
Robbie Bates, Vice President / Treasurer (Term: 5/2/2020 – 5/4/2024)
James Condrey, Secretary (Term: 5/5/2018 – 5/7/2022)
James W. Feuerbach, Assistant Vice President (Term: 5/2/2020 – 5/4/2024)
Kelly D. Shipley, Assistant Secretary / Assistant Treasurer (Term: 5/2/2020 – 5/4/2024)


On July 17, 1978, the Fort Bend County Commissioner’s Court created Sienna Fresh Water Supply District. On July 31, 1997, the Sienna Fresh Water Supply District was converted to Sienna Regional Municipal Utility District by an order of the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission, statutory predecessor to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The District operates in accordance with the Texas Water Code, Chapters 49 and 54. The Board of Directors held its first meeting on December 12, 1996.

The District is one of several special purpose districts created to provide water, sewer and drainage facilities and services to the master planned area known as Sienna. The District has assumed responsibility for being the coordinating district for the provision of regional water supply and distribution services; regional wastewater collection, treatment and disposal services; major trunk storm sewer drainage services; and fire protection from the City of Missouri City for the internal districts located in Sienna. The District has contracted with various consultants to provide services to operate and administer the affairs of the District. The District has no employees, related payroll or pension costs.

District Map

Upcoming Meetings

Thursday, March 23 , 2023 at 8:00 AM

The Board meets the fourth Thursday of each month at the offices of The Muller Law Group, PLLC, 202 Century Square Boulevard, Sugar Land, Texas 77478. Meetings generally begin at 8:00 a.m. and are open to the public.

The Board welcomes and encourages District residents to attend.